After a five (5) day jury trial, our attorneys obtained a jury verdict of $150,000, in a premises liability case against the Sutherlands Lumber Company of Kansas City.

Plaintiff, an active elderly man, was with his wife at Sutherlands Lumber in Cass County when he sat on a lawn chair set up for display in the entryway of the store that had been placed on a slick concrete floor by a Sutherlands’ employee.  As he was getting out of the lawn chair to go meet his wife in the store, the chair slid out from under him and he fell on the concrete floor suffering a broken hip and extreme pain.  Plaintiff’s injury required a hip replacement and lengthy recover period with lasting mobility issues.   The jury found that as a result of Sutherlands’ negligence in placing the lawn chair on the slick concrete surface without any barricade or warning, the plaintiff suffered damage including past and future medical damages, physical and emotional pain and suffering, and that plaintiff’s wife suffered a loss of consortium due to plaintiff’s limit mobility after the injury.  The verdict was ultimately reduced by half due to Missouri’s comparative fault rules.