athena.m.brackmannSiro Smith Dickson partner Athena Dickson is now one of eight new members elected to the Missouri Bar Board of Governors. Dickson secured the seat that Gregg Lombardi vacated in District 12, which is the city of Kansas City within Jackson County. The Board of Governors of The Missouri Bar determines policies and sets the course of action for the state bar to follow.

“The Missouri Bar works on many facets of the judicial system, specifically in upholding the non-partisan court plan which I strongly believe in,” said Dickson. “I hope to be able to represent my district well and keep everyone informed on everything with which the Missouri Bar is involved.

The Missouri Bar provides a wide variety of services and resources, not only to its members, but also to the news media, schoolteachers and the citizens of Missouri. These include teachers’ programs, committee meetings, extensive services for attorneys and resources on legal topics for the public. The bar also administers a minimum continuing legal education requirement for attorneys.

Dickson will serve for two years.