$1.3 Million Judgment for Age Discrimination

Download PDF of Missouri Lawyers Weekly Article In 2013, a new superintendent was hired in the Hickman Mill​s C-1​ S​chool ​District and ​shortly thereafter the District terminated the contracts of all of the secondary principals and assistant principals​ without good cause, including Siro Smith Dickson client, Dr. Bill Scully. Although all the principals and [...]

$5M Settlement in Human Rights Act Claim

Siro Smith Dickson negotiate $5,000,000 settlement in a Missouri Human Rights Act claim for age and sex discrimination In the case of Linda Ardese v. Kansas City Southern Railroad, Siro Smith Dickson negotiated a $5,000,000 settlement shortly before the case was set to go to trial. Due to the railroad's serious misconduct during pre-trial discovery [...]

$1.1 Million Judgment Against MoDOT for Employment Discrimination

A jury awarded our client Deanna McClurg $350,000 in compensatory, and $500,000 in punitive damages in an age and sex discrimination case against her former employer, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT). The case was filed and tried in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri. Ms. McClurg worked for MoDOT for over 29 years.  She started [...]

Rik Siro Selected for Best Lawyers in America

We would like to congratulate our managing partner Rik N. Siro on having been selected for inclusion in the 21st Edition of The Best Lawyers in America in the practice areas of: Employment Law - Individuals and Litigation - Labor and Employment. Best Lawyers is one of the oldest and most respected peer-review publications in the legal profession. [...]

$750,000 Settlement For Former Kansas City Employee

Our client was a more than 17 year employee with the City of Kansas City, Missouri.  She was an excellent employee with no legitimate complaints about her performance and always had high performance evaluations.  She was removed from her position as an Assistant Director in the Water Department in an alleged reorganization that only impacted her job, then [...]

$2.7 Million Jury Verdict for Veteran Police Officer

AGE DISCRIMINATION: After a ten (10) day jury trial, our attorneys obtained a jury verdict of $2.7 million, in an age discrimination case against the Kansas City Missouri Police Department. The firm’s client was an experienced and well-respected officer with over 24 years on the force. When the officer was given an ultimatum to transfer [...]

$125,000 Settlement For Pharmaceutical Representative

AGE AND SEX DISCRIMINATION: Our client was a long-term pharmaceutical sales representative. She was a strong performer but in spite of that, a new manager with a reputation as a ladies' man decided to write her up and place her on a bogus performance plan. Even though she succeeded by the terms of the plan [...]

$180,000 Settlement For Health Products Store Manager

AGE AND SEX DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION: Our client was the developer and manager of a specialty health products store that was owned by a large regional health system. After more than twenty years of successful growth and management of the business, she was placed under a new manager and shortly thereafter forced to hire a [...]

$100,000 Settlement for Clerk

RACE DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION: Our client was an African American clerical employee at a school working in the principal's office. She was subjected to racially derogatory remarks and a hostile, abusive statements and actions from the principal. She complained about harassment and was then fired within a couple of weeks. We brought suit for race [...]

$210,000+ Settlement for Healthcare Manager

AGE AND SEX DISCRIMINATION: Our client was a long-standing manager for a group of doctors. She was hired by a female doctor but after the female physicians left the practice in a dispute with the male doctors, she was then subjected to retaliation and discrimination by the remaining male doctors, ultimately being fired and wrongfully [...]