$180,000 Settlement For Health Products Store Manager

AGE AND SEX DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION: Our client was the developer and manager of a specialty health products store that was owned by a large regional health system. After more than twenty years of successful growth and management of the business, she was placed under a new manager and shortly thereafter forced to hire a [...]

$100,000 Settlement for Clerk

RACE DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION: Our client was an African American clerical employee at a school working in the principal's office. She was subjected to racially derogatory remarks and a hostile, abusive statements and actions from the principal. She complained about harassment and was then fired within a couple of weeks. We brought suit for race [...]

$210,000+ Settlement for Healthcare Manager

AGE AND SEX DISCRIMINATION: Our client was a long-standing manager for a group of doctors. She was hired by a female doctor but after the female physicians left the practice in a dispute with the male doctors, she was then subjected to retaliation and discrimination by the remaining male doctors, ultimately being fired and wrongfully [...]

$425,000+ Settlement For Group of Healthcare Employees

AGE AND SEX DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION: Our clients were long-term employees of a national health industry employer. They were each subjected to discriminatory actions and comments by a new regional manager, and they raised complaints to the company Human Resources office about his illegal conduct. Nothing was done to stop his actions and he then [...]

$210,000+ Settlement for Investment Bank Employee

RACE DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION: Our client was a highly qualified African American Accounts Manager for the retirement services division of a national investment banking company. She had a history of high performance and yet with a new manager, she was singled out, disciplined and then fired for only being anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes [...]

$170,000+ Settlement for School Employee

RACE DISCRIMINATION, RETALIATION, MISREPRESENTATION: Our client was a skilled African American manager in a local school district. She was recruited to be employed by a neighboring school district and accepted the job and resigned from her other position. Then shortly before she began employment with the new school, she was notified her employment offer was [...]

$250,000+ Settlement, Reinstatement and Retirement

FREE SPEECH RETALIATION AND AGE DISCRIMINATION: Our client was a hard working, long-serving local government employee. He identified fraudulent conduct involving a higher-level manager and reported that to the City Manager and City Council. Just a few weeks later the City announced it was going to "reduce its force" and about a month later, our [...]

$325,000 Settlement for School Employee

DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION: Our client was a long-serving employee of a public school district. She was physically attacked at work by a student and suffered severe physical and emotional injuries that then required counseling and intermittent leaves of absence. The school district eventually decided it would not continue to allow our client to miss work for [...]

$250,000 Settlement for Public Relations Department Employee

FLSA VIOLATION: Our client was wrongfully categorized as exempt from overtime wages even though she did not supervise employees and her duties were largely directed by her employer's CEO. We brought suit on her behalf for her past due overtime and her wrongful termination. After discovery the case was settled with payment to her in [...]

$340,000 Settlement for Insurance Company Employee

WHISTLE-BLOWER RETALIATION: Our client was a long-service expert employee in the life insurance business and he discovered fraudulent and illegal conduct by his employer directed against the insurance policy holders. He reported this conduct and demanded that it be stopped, eventually raising his claims to the CEO and General Counsel of the company. For his [...]