Land owners and companies who invite you to visit them and shop in their stores owe you and your family a duty to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition.

If you have been injured in Kansas City because of the dangerous condition on private, or company property — suffered a slip or trip and fall on broken or deteriorated stairs, car accident, sidewalks, or walking areas, suffered a dog bite, or injured because of a hidden walkway obstruction or other hidden dangers, call the personal injury lawyers of Siro Smith Dickson now – we can help. We work very hard for our clients, and we have helped many families through difficult times. Let us…

  • gather witness statements
  • photograph and preserve evidence,
  • file various reports
  • put insurance companies on notice
  • handle negotiations, paperwork, phone calls & other hassles of handling an injury claim

We will keep you informed of our progress and relieve you of the burden of prosecuting and presenting your claim.



$150,000 Jury Verdict in Premises Liability Case

After a five (5) day jury trial, our attorneys obtained a jury verdict of $150,000, in a premises liability case against the Sutherlands Lumber Company of Kansas City.

Plaintiff, an active elderly man, was with his wife at Sutherlands Lumber in Cass County when he sat on a lawn chair set up for display in the entryway of the store that had been placed on a slick concrete floor by a Sutherlands’ employee.  As he was getting out of the lawn chair to go meet his wife in the store, the chair slid out from under him and he fell on the concrete floor suffering a broken hip and extreme pain.  Plaintiff’s injury required a hip replacement and lengthy recover period with lasting mobility issues.   The jury found that as a result of Sutherlands’ negligence in placing the lawn chair on the slick concrete surface without any barricade or warning, […]

$198,925 Verdict for Plaintiff

Plaintiff, female age 49, was walking on a sidewalk at the Country Club Plaza. An employee of the Defendant was working on a building construction project using a power saw. The saw shot out a piece of wood trim eight-feet-long and one-inch-wide, hitting the Plaintiff in the leg causing her to fall on the sidewalk and land on her buttocks.
Damages Alleged: Initial minor injury to knee area (bruised) with numbness in leg turning to pain; two weeks later Plaintiff began experiencing severe headaches, neck pain, foot dragging, incontinence, the loss of sensation in left hand fingers and diagnosis of trauma to spinal cord; four month later neck surgery (fusion). $48,925.16 medical expenses; no lost wages presented.
Verdict for Plaintiff: $198,925.16