If you or a family member has been injured by a dangerous consumer product, such as a defective household appliance, toy, household or commercial machinery, or a dangerous prescription drug, medical device or other dangerous product, call us now – we can help.

We work on individual injury claims, and partner with national product liability law firms across the country on class action litigation, to protect your rights when you suffer injury from a dangerous product. We have handled cases involving dangerous diet drugs, medical implants, the drugs Zyprexa, Vioxx, defective chairs and seats, defective cars, auto parts, exercise equipment, and dangerous manufacturing machinery.We work very hard for our clients, and we have helped many families through difficult times. Let us…

  • gather witness statements,
  • photograph and preserve evidence
  • file various reports
  • put insurance companies on notice
  • handle negotiations, paperwork, phone calls & other hassles of handling an injury claim.

We will keep you informed of our progress and relieve you of the burden of prosecuting and presenting your claim.

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What Everyone Ought to Know About E-Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes Are Dangerous
Their Exploding Batteries Have Hurt At Least 158 People
A man in Muskogee, Okla., was permanently disfigured when his electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette, exploded while he was using it. A man in Berlin, N.J., needed skin grafts for a leg that was burned when an e-cigarette battery exploded in his pocket. A man in Tustin, Calif., needed to have surgery to remove part of an e-cigarette from his mouth after the e-cigarette exploded in his mouth and shattered his teeth.

How common are anecdotes like the ones listed before? A publication that reviews e-cigarettes named eCig One found 243 e-cigarette explosions from 2009 through the end of April, 2017.

The eCig One report says that 158 people were injured in the e-cigarette explosions, the explosions are becoming more common and more serious, and the publication learned about most of the 243 incidents from media reports. There is no governmental […]

$8.1 Million Awarded to Plaintiff



Product liability claimed against Defendant. Plaintiff, an employee of KPL Gas Service Co., was in a bucket hoisted by a boom and was working on a 7,200 volt power line when he was injured by the electric current. Defendant was the manufacturer of the boom. Plaintiff alleged that the boom was not properly insulated.

Damages Alleged: Severe burns to both arms resulting in loss of arms at shoulder through amputation at age 45.

$154,998.12 medical expenses
$2,900,000 future medical expenses & lifetime care
$120,000 lost wages
$800,000 future lost wages

Verdict: Plaintiff found 0% at fault: KPL found 2% at fault; Defendant found $98% at fault. Plaintiff’s damages evaluated at $8,154,009.12 – net recovery to plaintiff of $5,301,898.16 after cap and less 2%; and punitive damages to be determined by the Court.